Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The man from the city:

"Why is there a dog in that field?"
The man from the city said,
"Eating grass like he were a sheep?
Shouldn't he chase them instead?"

"Where is this dog you say you see?"
The girl from the country pled,
"I can see only grazing sheep,
Has the fresh air turned your head?"

"There he is chewing on that shrub,"
The city dweller exclaimed,
"You call yourself a country girl?
Do you need it all explained?"

"Yes, I do need explanation,"
Was the girl's bemused reply,
"How in a field with nought but sheep
You a ghostly dog espy?"

"I know what a sheep should look like,"
The city man did retort,
"A fleece of white and jet black face -
This is nothing of the sort!"

"Ah Sir, I see"..."I see the truth!"
As with laughter she did weep,
"That grazing dog you swear you saw
Is"... "Is really a black sheep."



  1. Pinkerbell, this and the chocolate wake are fabulous!
    You have the makings of a lovely book of poetry here.
    Good to see you back, hope you're well and feeling as light and spring-like as these poems made me feel.

  2. Mimi. Thanks so much. These are some little poems which I wrote for various challenges, rather than things from the heart. It's quite nice to write the more light-hearted poems, especially as I'd weighed the place down by sadness here recently!