Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A bit random

The last few posts have been swept up from other blogs where I've posted for poetry challenges. This one was based on random search engine terms. I just thought it was a little bit cute...

A cartoon little girl
With a frail paper heart,
Caught out in the night,
Glaring eyes in the dark.
Bright angel in the rain
Slowly soaking away.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Angel's Waltz

Now, ladies and gentlemen, please squeeze in,
There's not much room on the head of this pin,
I pray you all, please take up your partners,
For the Grand Waltz is about to begin.

You at the back there, cut out those high flings,
Straighten your halos and smooth down your wings,
Stop making a fuss and get into place,
We'll start the dance when the cherabim sings.

Oh please be careful, treat each other well -
Remember that last time Lucifer fell?
He says he misses our heavenly throng,
And said to say there's no dancing in hell.

It might be crazy and well you may jest,
I'm sure it seems a peculiar quest,
But believing in things they cannot see
Is a gift with which mankind is not blessed.

It is all beyond their power of thought
That the world may not be quite as was taught,
That beings exist without any form
That an infinite mass can equal nought.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Devil's eggs

In three minutes' time,
Enjoyment sublime,
I'm hoping to beg
From this little egg,
Its fanfare proudly
Rattling loudly
Against the pan side,
As bubbles collide.

As keenly I wait,
Neat Soldiers on plate,
Two minutes to go
A crack starts to show.
The web starts to spread,
And with it my dread,
The breaches are burst,
This breakfast is cursed!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poetry about cake...

Pink Fairy's last wish:

When the time comes, I'd like you all to know,
Death by chocolate is my chosen demise.
Face down in the chocolate fountain I'll go!
Just make sure that I don't caramelise,
Until you embalm me in creme brulee.
Then cloak me in chocolate truffle roulade,
Crowning me with a raspberry souffle,
And bury me in pavlova set hard.

Bring on the black-iced, chest-beating mourners
And realms of Angel cakes singing my praise.
Weep for my death in all the world's corners
Oh you Viennese whirls and Creme Anglaise.
The Devil's food cake banished should he be,
For he has no place at this lavish wake!
A burial fit for the pink fairy
Floating on high on her lemon cloud cake.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The man from the city:

"Why is there a dog in that field?"
The man from the city said,
"Eating grass like he were a sheep?
Shouldn't he chase them instead?"

"Where is this dog you say you see?"
The girl from the country pled,
"I can see only grazing sheep,
Has the fresh air turned your head?"

"There he is chewing on that shrub,"
The city dweller exclaimed,
"You call yourself a country girl?
Do you need it all explained?"

"Yes, I do need explanation,"
Was the girl's bemused reply,
"How in a field with nought but sheep
You a ghostly dog espy?"

"I know what a sheep should look like,"
The city man did retort,
"A fleece of white and jet black face -
This is nothing of the sort!"

"Ah Sir, I see"..."I see the truth!"
As with laughter she did weep,
"That grazing dog you swear you saw
Is"... "Is really a black sheep."