Thursday, June 11, 2009

In an anthology

So it's finally been decided which poems will make it into the first print anthology of the Poster Poems series that has been running for the last year on the Guardian book blog, and Billy Mills has kindly included one of mine. It's not one of my best, it was posted in my first few weeks here, when I was just getting started writing the poetry and I was determined to rise to the Poster Poem challenge every week, regardless of the quality of the poem that I'd written.

I hope that I'll be able to add some better ones when the challenge starts up again. Watch that space! (I've added the link to the Poster Poems into my bloglist so you can browse there to see what it's all about).

Thanks to Billy for my inclusion! It's an inspiration for me to improve on my work (hopefully!) in the future.


Whilst dreaming of you
I slept through the rain
And I woke up to
glorious sunshine,
Only to find that
you were just a dream.

You passed in the night
In a moment I
thought everlasting.
And as rain returns,
I drift back to sleep
to dream once again.