Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poetry about cake...

Pink Fairy's last wish:

When the time comes, I'd like you all to know,
Death by chocolate is my chosen demise.
Face down in the chocolate fountain I'll go!
Just make sure that I don't caramelise,
Until you embalm me in creme brulee.
Then cloak me in chocolate truffle roulade,
Crowning me with a raspberry souffle,
And bury me in pavlova set hard.

Bring on the black-iced, chest-beating mourners
And realms of Angel cakes singing my praise.
Weep for my death in all the world's corners
Oh you Viennese whirls and Creme Anglaise.
The Devil's food cake banished should he be,
For he has no place at this lavish wake!
A burial fit for the pink fairy
Floating on high on her lemon cloud cake.



  1. Dear Pinkerbell,

    This poem is utterly charming. Enjoyed!


  2. how can you do this to me when there a sugar craving raging inside me??????? nicely done!

  3. Hm. Shadow. Don't you just feel like licking the screen to get that lovely pink icing!?

    Sorry for stirring up the sugar cravings, I just thought I'd better lighten the mood around here a bit and put up some more poetry.

    Marie - thanks so much. Glad to provide some light relief. Did you check out the sheep poem below?

  4. I was going to leave just one comment for this and the sheep poem, but can't resist this:

    You've got the makings of a business idea here - chocolate wakes inc.
    I'd love one- but not for a while yet!

    And I enjoyed the poem very much too.

  5. Hm. Mimi, everything is better as a chocolate version.

    I was inspired by the pudding "death by chocolate", seems like the perfect way to go!

  6. Oh, yes - a cake lover's dream here today! Thanks!