Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Musings of lost childhood whilst gazing skyward

I've been challenged recently in trying to work out the essence of a good haiku. There are so few syllables to play with that each word is so important. It seems difficult to be able to portray a whole image. But I was inspired by gazing at a blue sky filled with clouds, the kind of sky which I would stare at as a child whilst laying in sweet summer grass and just taking in the vastness of the heavens.

I was reminded of those childhood feelings of being part of nature and of life stretching out slowly in front of me.

Corona clad clouds,
Yearning for lost youth drifting
In herringbone skies.



  1. "In herringbone skies." is a perfect description. Very good haiku!

    I had a friend once who would whip out a bunch of haikus before class and turn them in as if he had spent hours pouring over the right words...I can definitely say that he never tried to "work out the essence of a good haiku."

  2. Ah thanks Michael. I'm still completely baffled about them!

  3. Beatiful sky picture. Thank you for your lovely words in the comment you left on my blog. I think we daughters have such a special relationship with our fathers, we put them on pedestals and expect them to live up to our expectations. At the end of the day, they are just humans. It's a wonderfully comforting thought however, to see them as immortal.

    CJ xx

  4. Remember childhood
    in which dreams were created;
    sky was the limit.

    Haiku are catching...

  5. Ah - thanks for that Jinks. They are very catchy aren't they. Perhaps a haiku day would be a top challenge?

    CJ - I think you're right about the pedestal. It's a shame that often damage can be done in a relationship before we're grown up enough to appreciate the good things, but you're story shows how important it is to learn to appreciate people whilst they are still with us.

  6. Hi Pinkerbell! You are back! :-)
    I love haiku. It's simple and concise. You are right, it is also very challenging to write them. But I am pretty sure it is easy for you to write anything! You make writing seems so easy.
    Thank you for the visit. Wow, you have been busy! Hope all's well!

  7. I will never see such a cloud formation now without associating the word "yearning..." and herringbone is simply a perfect way to describe this collection of clouds...a fabulous photo! Cheers! Janine XO

  8. The photo was not mine, just the words - more's the pity, but I do try to find the right picture for how I am feeling...

  9. Sweet. I'm not big on Haiku usually, but every word is worth it.

  10. Every word had to be pondered carefully - it's a great exercise in discipline!

  11. Sorry I've been kind of ghostly lately- I've finally grabbing every spare minute I can to catch up on my blog land fun.

    I too remember days where life was a little less complicated, where i could run through fields of wildflowers, lay amongst the cool grass and day dream. Ahh, the days of childhood where responsibility was merely a fleeting thought.

    I myself am not very good at Haiku's or poetry for that matter- but I truly enjoyed yours.

    Glad I stopped by.


  12. E,

    I'm glad to see you are feeling a bit more lively. I find this blogging thing comes and goes in cycles anyway.

    Hope you're ok x