Thursday, May 28, 2009

Poems on tour

Those of you with eagle eyes might have spotted a link in my bloglist to a poetry site, which has just posted a new poem for me.

I'll not post here because, well, I've posted it there.

But feel free to browse... warning it's a bit miserable!



  1. It's all your poems!!!! Heartwrenching, yes....but it is lovely pain! ~Janine XO

  2. Ah Janine - thank you!! & I'm secretly glad you commented over here rather than over there as you're one of my people. I hope that doesn't sound selfish? Obviously you are free to go where you please.

    I was rather pleased with this one as it seemed to be easy to read, but hopefully people might read more into it. I was hoping to use the rose to convey how once the grip of death had passed the beauty still remained and that the essence of the rose (or indeed of the person) kept its shape. But heh, that's probably what was in my mind rather than what I actually wrote...