Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another light-hearted poem, this time about bank robbery

All he was good at...

When Robin Banks were nought but a small boy,
In short-leg trousers and public school cap,
They pondered what source of gainful employ
There could be for such a talentless chap.
Assiduously able to destroy
Any project on which his hand did clap,
His genius often would they deploy
To chores they'd not mind when he caused mishap.

He tried his hand at countless professions
But somehow he lacked the requisite nous
To make any kind of good impressions,
Successive bosses their ardour he'd douse
Through incompetence and indiscretions.
He chopped the wrong trees and milked the wrong cows,
He'd clear the wrong house in repossessions -
He seemed clearly destined for the workhouse.

One day a gent in sharp suit and cravate
Rode into town on a shiny black steed,
Burst in the saloon and took off his hat
And with his stashed cash "Free bar!" he decreed.
He worked round the punters, charming with chat.
When Robin he met his long face queried,
"I'm Robin Banks," Rob said, "All I'm good at..."
"What luck!" the gent exclaimed, "Just what I need."

Rob listened with awe as the gent relayed
Tales which were surely pure fabrication,
Of adventure and crime, handsomely paid,
which he soon was to find weren't invention.
Reckless natured, a good gangster he made,
So hungry to get retaliation,
The town's folk who'd scorned him were now afraid.
He'd finally found his true vocation.



  1. What a fabulous tale! I am reminded of Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders, as well as Alfred Noyes' poem, "The Highwayman." This elicits my sympathies in much the same way, and I find myself cheering Rob's success...and your distinctive narrator voice and the lighthearted tone capture my imagination, especially with phrases such as "When Robin Bank were nought..." That first line transported me to another time and place...Your word choices are brilliant. I found myself lost to my world within the first few words...and I was enveloped by your world. Absolutely delightful! Your poetry truly concisely captures a whole world. Thank you too for your very kind words on my recent post. I am so sorry about your grandmother...she sounds like a very wonderful lady...the first anniversaries are so very, very hard, aren't they? I think my mom's Birthday was one of the hardest of will be in my thoughts all next week. Thank you so much for your friendship! I truly treasure it! With love, Janine XO

  2. Ah thanks Janine. I've just started writing this sort of poetry and your encouragement is greatly appreciated.

    Yes my Grandmother was the most beautiful person I will ever know - I can be sure when I say that. It's going to be tough, but each one gets easier right? :-)

  3. Pinkerbell - This was a lot of fun to read. I like the playful language, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into forming this poems - some great words, here. I agree with Janine in that the narrative is very good. It is reassuring to the reader and confident in tone.

  4. I did think about it a lot, so that's good to hear.

  5. As this poem appeared on my blog, I believe I own the copyright. Now, I don't object to your re-printing it here, but I can hardly be expected to let quality work go for a pittance.

    I will be on the look-out for a squillion, jillion, gazillion $ in small, unmarked bills. Leave them in a plain brown envelope behind the picture of Vanilla Ice on my blog. Don't make me send the heavy mob around.

  6. Ha ha. I feel that I took some valuable time out of my blogging to provide you with such a fine (??) poem and so I feel it my right to post it here too... what the hell else am I going to fill the space with? Except bad haikus and some drunken drivel...

  7. That was fun! I love the rhyme...great story!


  8. Ah thanks very much, it just started as a play on the lad's name and kind of turned into a little tale of its own. I'll come over to visit you soon...

  9. Very clever and highly entertaining poem and good story to boot. Enjoyed it very much. Came over from God of another World as his recommendation. I will be back. Eddie

  10. Yes our God of Another World is very inventive... it's like hide & seek - it's very amusing!