Friday, November 13, 2009

Come be my monster

Come be my monster,
Lay your black heart bare,
Show me your darkness,
Your sorrow, your pain.
I'll sooth it away,
For you I will dare.
Come be my monster,
Live freely again.

Come be my villain,
I'll show you the way
To harness your wrath,
Your terror I’ll tame.
I'll teach you to know
The part you should play.
Come be my villain
And live free from shame.

Come be my darling,
Learn to be my pet.
No more be ugly,
Your beauty I see!
Speak me your secrets,
Feed me your upset.
Come be my darling
And live free with me.

Come be my meaning,
My goodness make glow,
Mirrored in your black,
My worth now I see!
I cannot love you.
So monster please go!
No more torment me!
You must set me free.



  1. This is really moving and powerful. Thank you for sharing.

    I'm making the rounds trying to catch up- I know it's been a while. Hope you're well, Pink. :)


  2. Wow!!! What a progression!!! Simply a powerful, poetic narrative!!! I don't know where to begin...and so I will sit in silent tribute...relishing your every word...Hugs, Janine xx

  3. Hey,

    Thanks both of you for your encouragement with this one. It's been an important one to write as it's another personal one. I am the monster in this one by the way, encouraged to open up my darkness and then rejected for being too dark.

    I did wonder whether the last verse changed a bit too quickly, perhaps another verse between the third and fourth is needed?

    Also I've had Annie's Song in my head all the time I was writing it!

  4. It's the child in us addressing that dark side we have aleays tried so hard to deny. Very beautiful.

  5. fabulous poem!
    a healing journey within... the way we face our dark side and are released...

    the successive choice of words (monster... villain... darling... meaning) was really a wow!

    thanks dear new friend for stopping by my blog and leaving your magical dust on my work... now it shines even more...

    when we are understood, we can fly higher...

    love and peace to you

  6. Hey human being (that sounds strange - I don't think I have any non-human visitors)

    Good to see you stop by and thanks for the words of praise for the poem. I was rather proud of this one!

    See you around :-)