Thursday, September 3, 2009

The fish know best

The fish know best this river blue,
Which deep shrouded currents renew
Under the surface, smooth as glass,
Its secret heart, a writhing mass,
An ever-changing underclass.

Each step I take cannot break through,
Solidity forever true,
To piscine realm where I trespass,
The fish know best.

Their shiny rainbow scales imbue
The depths with iridescent hue,
Taunting me around me they pass
As I fail to catch them, alas!
Old lessons here I learn anew –
The fish know best.

(apologies to those of you who have seen this one from me elsewhere, but I just thought I'd plump my own blog up a bit)


  1. Dearest Pinkerbell...thank you so much for stopping by even though I am still on break...but not for long now...I see I am missing all these wonderful poems...and so I must get up, dust myself off, and head back here very soon, or I will miss all your beautiful poems!!!!! And that would be a huge sorrow and regret for me!!!!! Hope to see you soon~Janine XO

  2. Oh don't you worry Janine I'm not going anywhere and it all stays up here for anyone to browse at any time. The way blogs work makes us get caught up in being fast-paced, we must keep up with everybody, we post everyday, every new post must be interesting and as good as the last:... etc. But there's no need for it to be a pressure of any kind. Just go with the flow, my sweet, don't worry about it otherwise it will become something else to burden you with. Don't regret having a break. you'll hopefully discover this whole place anew, and you are so lovely that people will be happy to have you back. Perhaps you could limit things a bit on your return so you don't get bogged (blogged?) down again?
    Take care x