Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Earth Mother

The earth mother awakes and
Snuffles in the dirt for her baby.
She can feel his weight in her arms,
She can smell his honey hair
Touched to her face as she whispered
Her soothing love into his crown.
She remembers staring into him,
Seeing his need mirroring her own
in his wide eyes, rarely blinking.
But he is gone. And she is desperate.
The forest echoes with her cries
Guttural sobs rising from empty womb
Refracting through trunks and branches
Converging into one mournful wail.
With swollen eyes raised to the canopy
She pleads to her god with rasping implore
To return her to her whole again, for
He is gone. And she would go too.



  1. When I read your poem, I couldn't see the picture. I enjoyed reading it and I scrolled down to read more of your posts. Then I saw the picture and it really enriched your words. I like your use of words like snuffles, guttural, and wail. I also like your last line, "And she would go too."

  2. Powerful words and image. How beautiful to think of Earth mother longing for her son.

  3. This is a truly heart-rending poem. I feel deep sympathy for mother earth.

  4. I only thought of this picture afterwards, it's a sculpture in the Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, which really rather moved me at the time that I saw it, obviously I stored it up somewhere! Welcome Michael - no cost for browsing here...

  5. Thank you for visiting me recently.

    I'm glad to be here and to read your heartfelt words mourning the disconnect between our Earth Mother and ourselves.

    And such a compelling sculpture.

  6. Hey San, nice to see you over here. I went for quite a wander about the place recently and I've forgotten where I've been!

    I like to hear your interpretation of the poem. I hadn't really thought about it representing that disconnection, but it's a nice viewpoint. Incidentally I do agree that we have lost the connection.

    The sculpture was lovely - it's actually the length of the whole body, mostly in the earth, and there are others there too - if ever in Cornwall definitely worth a visit.

  7. Simply beautiful...I am speechless...C. Michael Cox recommended your post...and I am so glad...this really touched my soul.

  8. Came over, like Sniffles above, from C. Michael Cox. Your poem was truly beautiful and I am so glad I dropped by. Very moving stuff.

  9. Oh wow - I like all these visitors I'm getting. I've got a bit of blogger's block, so anyone with any ideas of what to write about next please let me know!

  10. Pinkerbell, So delighted you came to visit! How very, very kind of you!!!! I am honored! And to leave such a thoughtful and kind comment! Thank you! I love your work! Hope the block doesn't last long!!! Can't see how it would,though, since you seem to have a genius for seeing with a poet's eyes. Cheers!

  11. Cheers to you too, it's nice to get encouragement.

  12. Pain beyond words. Look at how she clings on to the sand....
    Inconsolable grief written on her face. That longing...
    Oh how sad....

    Your poetry is beautiful.
    The last line is very effective...

    Thank you for leaving a sweet comment on my blog. It is wonderful to meet talented bloggers like you!