Monday, February 9, 2009

GUARDIAN POSTER POEM - Me breaking the ice...

I wrote this really quickly because I wanted to post a poem to get started before they changed the subject again, but I know I could have done it a lot more justice if I'd had some time... I just wanted to break the ice and do this for the first time...

Growing old for her:

I watched her pass, she died so young
And I promised her I'd carry on
I'd live my life for both our sakes
So she would never truly be gone.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm growing old
In the mostpart just for her not me
It's getting harder day by day
To fight the grasp of frailty.

Behind closed eyes I see her still
In vivid colour and awkward peace
Forever framed in time and place
But tranquil in her sweet release.

Her serenity engulfs me too
And I find the strength to pursue my task
Of growing old as I think she'd want
But "How am I doing?" I long to ask.



  1. Jesus...that's one hell of a lot of pink. I have to go and bathe my eyes with aloe vera gel now...

  2. Oh good, I was worried I hadn't used enough pink! :-)

  3. Mish - it's less pink now. .. any better? also removed my self-depreciating intro, no-one likes the passive-aggressive blogger

  4. It is? I can't tell. Mind you, aside from organic pink--the inside of my wife's mouth and..erm...and Pongo's (our cat's) mouth and Honey's (our dog's) mouth, the undersides of my children's feet, sea-shell interiors, certain flowers, flamingoes etc.--I really, really dislike pink.

    It's just too camp/lttle girl's bedroom/Jayne Mansfield's home furnishings for me. Sorry

  5. Well the writing isn't pink any more, but that's probably little relief from the dayglow onslaught...

  6. Thanks for the visit and the comment. I simply HAD to return the visit because your blog name is so clever.

    I see you wrote this quickly - yes, most often the quick writing can be the best writing because it has ``flowed'' so rapidly from brain to paper.

  7. Ah - thanks David - I'm glad you came to see me because I forgot where I'd been yesterday! The name of my blog reflects the fact that I rather felt like I wasn't really on here to do anything earth-shattering, just small things in a small way.

    It's good to get different perspectives on writing, as with this one I did it quickly and with the more recent one above I pondered it greatly and in some ways probably got a bit bogged down in the rhyming.

  8. Even I got bored of the pink... Maybe this pleasant shade of skyblue will be better?